The US Coast Guard said a Canadian P-3 aircraft searching for the sub Titan and its five people crew, that were lost while diving to explore the Titanic wreck, detected underwater noises in the search area.

USCGNortheast wrote on Twitter that remotely operated vehicles (ROV) operations were relocated in an attempt to explore the origin of these noises. Those ROV searches have yielded negative results but are continuing.  

Additionally, the data from the Canadian P-3 aircraft has been shared with U.S. Navy experts for further analysis which will be considered in future search plans.

It’s worth noting that the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Canadian Coast Guard and OceanGate Expeditions have established a unified command to continue its response to the 21-foot submersible Titan, from the Research Vessel Polar Prince, that went missing on Sunday evening. 

As of Tuesday morning, a total of 10,000 square miles have been searched in favorable weather conditions with an increase in visibility from the previous day, according to a US Coast Guard press release, according to a news release.

The Bahamian research vessel, Deep Energy, arrived on scene and began remotely ROV operations. A C-130 crew from the Air National Guard 106th also arrived on scene to continue searching.

“This is a complex search effort which requires multiple agencies with subject matter expertise and specialized equipment which we have gained through the unified command,” said Capt. Jamie Frederick, the response coordinator from the First Coast Guard District.

“While the Coast Guard has assumed the role of Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator, we do not have all of the necessary expertise and equipment required in a search of this nature. The Unified Command brings that expertise and additional capability together to maximize effort in solving this complex problem,” Capt. Frederick added.

On June 18, the US Coast Guard received a report on an overdue 21-foot submersible from the Canadian Research Vessel Polar Prince with five people on board, diving to view the wreckage of the Titanic, approximately 900 nautical miles East of Cape Cod. 

Rear Admiral John Mauger, commander of the First Coast Guard District, in a press briefing in Boston, Massachusetts, about the search for the 21-foot submarine, avoided mentioning the names of those five people that were aboard the missing submersible.

“At this point I am not in a position to confirm the identity of anybody due to the respect to the families and more updates will come on the matter”, he said.