In accordance with Italy24 News the Italian ferry “Quirino” left on last Saturday around 09.00am from the port of Formia near Napoli and were heading for the Island of Ponza, where the ferry during the docking maneuvers at the port encountered various difficulties due to adverse weather conditions.

The strong wind and the very high waves, up to 8 meters, almost caused the “Quirino” to capsize while maneuvering off Ponza and triggering panic on board.

Also damage to cars loaded on the ferry incurred, as the vehicles were slammed into each other on the car deck.

The “Quirino” then completed the docking maneuvers at the port of Ponza and all the 120 people (passenger and crew) traveling on the ferry were unharmed.

No injuries were reported when they reached dryland.

Upon arrival the authorities immediately started investigations on the ferry, and, according to the Coast Guard, no structural damage was found.

As reported, at 3.20pm the ferry left for the return journey to Formia.

Video credit: Revenge of Nature