Knutsen NYK Carbon Carriers (KNCC) has won approval from classification society DNV for its Liquefied CO2-Eleveated Pressure containment system, that will allow the company to order flexible, scalable and low cost LCO2 carriers.

KNCC said it has won a General Approval for Ship Application (GASA) for its proprietary LCO2-Eleveated Pressure (LCO2-EP) containment system — formerly referred to as PCO2.

KNCC said this system enables LCO2 to be transported at ambient temperature.

The company explains today that the GASA is a “huge milestone”, as it is described, for KNCC as it enables the company to order LCO2 carriers with it’s unique containment system, which is applicable both for new-builts and conversion of existing vessels which adds optionality to the market.

”Carbon Capture and Storage is one of the key solutions for the world to reach its climate goals and KNCC has been established to play an essential role in the CCS value chain. Obtaining the GASA from DNV is a huge milestone and step forward for KNCC, now being able to provide technically and commercially viable LCO2 marine transportation according to significant demand on a global basis” said Svein Steimler, Chair of KNCC.

Trygve Seglem, Owner and President of the Knutsen Group and Vice Chair of KNCC noted: “The LCO2-EP containment system is not new technology but based on the development of Pressurized Natural Gas (PNG) technology and gas pipeline designs which is already proven. Transporting LCO2 in ambient mode will offer cheaper and less energy consuming solutions through the entire CCS value chain from capture to final storage”.