Photo credit: Brødrene Aa

The Greek Attica Group, one of the largest passenger-shipping groups in Greece, has received an award as its first three Aero-designed highspeed vessels were recognised as the “Ships of the year” in the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards 2022. Its newbuidings Aero Highspeed 1, 2 & 3 have been voted as “Ships of the Year” in an impressive ceremony on Friday 2nd of December.

The three Aero vessels were built in Brødrene Aa shipyard in Norway, and the total investment amounted to €21 million, which was covered by the company´s own funds and bank financing.

The Aero Highspeed catamarans were distinguished for their ultra-modern design and innovative features, as Attika Group states.

Each vessel has a maximum speed of 32.2 knots at full load, total length 36 meters, width 9.7 meters and carrying capacity of 150 passengers. The first Aero Highspeed was delivered to the Attica Group in June this year, and during September all three Highspeed vessels were operating in the Greek Seas.

The Attica Group, parent company of Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways has invested until now over €1.8 billion in total on building new vessels.

As Attica Group informs, “the vessels were also distinguished for their contribution to the reduction of Attica Group’s environmental footprint and the gradual transition to a low-carbon, greener and more competitive economy, enhancing sustainable development. This was achieved through low fuel consumption and reduced emissions, due to the vessels’ lighter construction material, as well as the installation of photovoltaic units (solar panels) which generate the energy required for all lighting and energy consumption of the accommodation area”.

Their deployment increased the total capacity on the Saronic routes, thus contributing further to the economic development of the Saronic islands and their local communities, Attica group writes in a release.

“We are proud to know that our new Aero-design, that we see as the future of fast ferries, is honored by pioneers in the industry”, Tor Øyvin Aa, CEO of Brødrene Aa says.

Source: Attica Group