Photo credit: Maersk Tankers

The Danish headquartered Maersk Tankers has announced today that Eva Birgitte Bisgaard is stepping down from her role as chief commercial officer at Maersk Tankers with immediate effect.

Christian M. Ingerslev, chief executive officer of Maersk Tankers, takes over responsibility for the company’s sales and services, as it continues its strategy of boosting partner services and generating growth.

“Under Eva Birgitte’s leadership, partners’ satisfaction with our services increased significantly. In particular, in a disrupted tanker market, we have maintained close dialogue with partners and launched new digital solutions to boost their vessels’ environmental and economic performance. I would like to thank Eva Birgitte for her contribution and for bringing in a new perspective from the tech industry,” said Ingerslev.

Ingerslev will take direct responsibility for the company’s sales and services in addition to his duties as chief executive officer.

Bisgaard joined Maersk Tankers after many years with the Danish Telco operator TDC, during which time she held a wide range of senior management positions.

Eva Birgitte’s journey to Maersk Tankers was preceded by almost 20 years at the Copenhagen-headquartered telecommunications company, TDC, where she held a range of senior management positions, the last as Chief Commercial Officer and senior Vice President for YouSee.