Poul Hestbaek, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hamburg Süd / photo credit: Hamburg Süd

Hamburg Süd, one of the world’s ten leading container liner shipping brands, will transition to a single, unified brand under Maersk.

The company with its sister brands of Sealand and Twill, as well as newer members of the Maersk Family, intend to transition to a single, unified brand under Maersk, as Hamburg Süd said today to its customers.

“This will ensure a structure that better reflects the reality of our customers, and we are convinced that this will allow us to better respond to your logistical needs, offering you more variety, ease, and connectivity than ever before,” Hamburg Süd also said.

At the same time, the company highlighted the fact that Maersk will continue to adhere and respect all contracts, and agreements that are in place including contract confidentiality, so customers can be assured that their information continues to remain safe and secure.

As the company confirms, “its customers will continue to have the same service quality level and support at local level”.

The intention of the company, as it is furthermore stated, is to make these changes with a minimum of disruption for its customers who will continuously be updated for the progress.

“Our dedication to simplifying complex supply chains and ensuring seamless integration for our customers will continue, but our intention is to deliver it under one single brand. That of our parent company, Maersk”, as it is pointed out.

It is worth mentioning that Hamburg Süd is involved in the international logistics service sector, and is one of the world’s ten leading container liner shipping brands.

Source: Hamburg Süd