Rolf Habben Jansen (CEO of Hapag-Lloyd AG) Photo credit: Hapag-Lloyd

Liner shipping company Hapag-Lloyd completed its anniversary year with an Ebitda of €19.4 billion, Ebit of €17.5 billion, and revenues of €34.5 billion.

The company’s revenue rose to $36.4 billion (€34.5 billion), primarily owing to an increase in the average freight rate, to 2,863 USD/TEU in comparison with the year 2021 which was 2,003 USD/TEU). The German shipping firm noted that already by the end of the year, the freight rate had significantly come back down as congestion eased, and demand declined.

“Transport volumes for full-year 2022 were roughly on a par with the prior-year level, at 11.8 million TEU, compared to 2021 which were 11.9 million TEU,” as Hapag-Lloyd points out.

Hapag-Lloyd celebrated in 2022 its 175th anniversary with an Ebitda of €19.4 billion, and a rise in the Ebit, which in accordance with the company, can primarily be attributed to higher freight rates.

At the same time, disruptions in global supply chains and inflation have led to a significant increase in costs. Based on its financial performance for the year 2022, the company notes that had extraordinarily strong result in its anniversary year, as Ebitda and Ebit were significantly higher than the prior-year level.  

Hapag-Lloyd will publish its 2022 annual report with the audited financial figures and an outlook for the current financial year during a virtual press briefing on financial statements on 2 March 2023.