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The leaders of the major shipping industry trade associations from Intertanko, Bimco, Intercargo and International Chamber of Shipping, in a joint meeting last week in Athens, Greece addressed the key issues that the seafaring community is facing.

In the first physical meeting since the pandemic, the chairs of the Round Table of International Shipping Associations, met last week to renew their collaboration, and gave emphasis on the importance of the seafaring community.

Dry cargo shipowners´association Intercargo, in a joint release with the other major leaders of the shipping trade associations, highlighted the importance of the seafaring community and agreed to work together on issues addressing the criminalisation of seafarers, lessons learnt from the pandemic, training, and the future availability of skilled mariners, as well as the attractiveness of seafaring careers in general.

Paolo d’Amico, the chairman of Intertanko, Sabrina Chao the president of Bimco, Dimitrios Fafalios, chairman of Intercargo, and Emanuele Grimaldi, chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping, addressed a full agenda.

In addition, the Round Table debated members’ positions on key industry topics ranging from decarbonisation, and ship recycling to eliminating marine pollution.

The Round Table of International Shipping Associations is made up of Intertanko, Intercargo, Bimco, and ICS and participants work together to serve, represent and advance the international shipping industry.

As the Dry cargo shipowners´ association Intercargo, highlights in the joint release, “aiming to create a responsible and respected international shipping industry by identifying areas of common interest, the Associations work together where the combined effort of the Round Table can achieve more than individual efforts.”

The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (Intercargo) brings together more than 240 forward thinking companies from 30 countries, among which more than 150 owners, managers, and operators are controlling over 40% in deadweight of the global dry bulk fleet. Intercargo convened for the first time in 1980 in London, and has been participating with consultative status at the International Maritime Organization since 1993.