Photo credit: ZIM

New-York listed ZIM container liner shipping company and Shell major have completed the first LNG bunkering in Jamaican waters, under a 10-year LNG supply agreement. The two parties have completed the bunkering of the container vessel “Zim Sammy Ofer” with liquefied natural gas at Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited on Sunday. The bunkering was completed with the support of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica.

It is the first LNG bunkering operation in Jamaican waters and the container vessel is the first in a series of ten 15,000 teu LNG dual-fuel containerships, which ZIM plans to deploy on their ZCP trade line. The two companies have sealed a 10 year marine LNG sales and purchase agreement.

“We are proud to be able offer and promote LNG bunkering in Jamaica” said Rear Admiral Peter Brady, Director-General at Maritime Authority of Jamaica.

David Arbel, ZIM EVP COO, stated “This is the first vessel in our growing LNG-powered fleet that will enable ZIM to be more carbon and cost efficient, thereby improving our competitive position, particularly on the strategic Asia to USEC trade, and allowing customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Equipped with ME-GI (M-type, Electronically Controlled Gas Injection) two-stroke engines, ZIM’s LNG dual-fueled vessels have negligible methane slip of around 0.2%, a testament of ZIM’s commitment to decarbonize its fleet.”

Tahir Faruqui, General Manager, Head of Downstream LNG at Shell said: “This landmark bunking safely completed in collaboration with ZIM and the Maritime Authority of Jamaica expands our LNG bunkering network to the Caribbeans. With every new bunkering location added to our footprint, we are demonstrating LNG as the lowest-carbon fuel available at scale today, enabling the shipping sector to start decarbonizing. Kingston, Jamaica is a new LNG bunkering location for Shell, expanding its global LNG bunkering network to 16 locations, across 11 countries. To date, Shell has already achieved over 1,000 safe ship-to-ship bunkering operations to its customers”.