LOHC Storage Plant Rendering (c)Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies (Image credit: Vopak)

Netherland-based independent tank storage company Vopak has partnered with Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies to create a joint venture, named LOHC Logistix, for hydrogen storage, transport and supply based on Hydrogenious’ Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier technology.

The LOHC pioneer from Germany uses the thermal oil benzyl toluene as liquid organic hydrogen carrier, which is already well-established in the industry as a heat transfer medium and has ideal properties for safe handling in ports.

Benzyl toluene can be handled like a fossil liquid fuel within existing infrastructure, tankers and vehicles at ambient pressure and temperature, making it a natural fit with current port infrastructure and fleet of vessels, railcars, and tank trucks.

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies has sold pilot-scale LOHC systems to partners in several countries like Finland, Germany and the US over the last years and has implemented the first full LOHC supply chain for hydrogen mobility this summer. As Vopak mentions, “Hydrogenious supplies the Hydrogen Refueling Station Erlangen in Germany via LOHC, which is a worldwide novelty”.

The joint venture LOHC Logistix located in Germany will support both parties to facilitate their efforts to supply green hydrogen to off-takers, using LOHC based transportation via ship, train, tanker, etc.

Moreover, the two partners committed themselves to accelerate the establishment of the LOHC storage plant planned at Chempark Dormagen, Germany, for which the kick-off has been given in 2021, as well as a release plant in Rotterdam, Netherlands, with a release capacity of 1.5 tonnes of hydrogen per day.

Source: Vopak