The Yemeni armed forces have issued a statement warning that they will prevent all ships, regardless of their nationality, from heading towards Israel if Gaza does not receive food and medicine.

The statement was issued by the spokesman of the Yemeni army Yahya Sare’e on Saturday night.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces announce that they will prevent navigating all the ships heading to the Zionist entity from any nationality, if the food and medicine keep not accessing the Gaza Strip, and will become a legitimate target for our armed forces,” the spokesperson said.

The threat has an immediate effect, the statement added.

The Yemeni army warned all shipping companies against cooperating with the Israeli regime, saying that the ban follows Yemen’s successful operations to prevent Israeli vessels from navigating in the Arab and Red seas.

The spokesperson also emphasized that all ships from around the world can continue their commercial activity, except those related to Israel or destined for the Israeli ports.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces reaffirms its full commitment to the safe continuation of the global trade movement through the Red and Arab Seas for all ships and all countries, with the exception of ships affiliated to Israel or transporting commodities to Israeli ports,” Yahya Sare’e added.

This decision, he said, comes following the “success of the Yemeni Armed Forces in imposing its decision to prevent Israeli ships from navigating in the Red and Arab Seas, and as a result of the Zionist enemy’s ongoing horrific massacres, genocide, and siege against Palestinians in Gaza.”

The latest development comes after the recent attacks in Israel-linked vessels.

British maritime security company Ambrey and sources claimed that the Houthis have attacked two Israel-linked vessels, while the US Central Command confirmed attacks on three MVs and the USS Carney destroyer.

Reports have shown that Israeli shipping companies have already decided to reroute their vessels in fear of attacks by Yemeni forces.

The French navy’s multi-mission frigate, Languedoc, Languedoc shot down two Houthi drones, according to a statement from the French military.

The interception took place on December 9 at night in the Red Sea off the Coast of Yemen. The drones were launched from Yemen.

US Central Command highlighted the role of the French frigate. “The French Navy have announced that the Languedoc (D653), a FREMM multi-mission frigate, shot down two Houthi drones in the Red Sea off the Coast of Yemen that were launched from Yemen,” US Central Command said.

The French role in the region is essential for security in the area and the interception of drones in the Red Sea illustrates this role.