China in an attempt to crack down maritime smuggling has launched a special operation until the end of the year, focusing on the prominent problems of smuggling on the sea that are “of concern to the society”, to further intensify the crackdown and rectification, and to strictly prevent the rebound of smuggling issues.

Chinese police have detained 5,846 suspects and seized 638 vessels involved in smuggling on the sea in a special operation since August last year, the Ministry of Public Security said Thursday.

During the nationwide operation, police also seized 35,000 tonnes of frozen products, 4,406 tonnes of refined oil, 170 million cigarettes, 3,366 tonnes of agricultural and marine products, 310,000 tonnes of mineral raw materials, and 54,000 units of alcoholic beverages, the ministry said in a press release.

With an approach of coordinated strikes on and offshore, police have worked with other departments to crack down on smuggler vessels and their accessories on the shore, while uprooting the organizers of smuggling rings and corrupt officials who sheltered them, reads the statement.

The ministry pledged to step up coordination with other agencies, strengthen international law-enforcement cooperation, and perfect long-term mechanisms against maritime smuggling crimes.

“We will continue to strengthen the patrol and investigation of drug trafficking channels at sea, and crack down on the smuggling and trafficking of drugs and drug-making products,” China’s coast guard said earlier this year.