Spanish customs agents have seized another semi-submersible drug boat in the Atlantic, rescuing and arresting four suspects of Colombian nationality.

However, when the crew realised they had been discovered by the Spanish authorities, they sank the semi-submersible some 280 miles west of Cadiz.

The investigators point out that the ship has similar characteristics to other ‘narco-boats’ in previous operations.

The operation began on June 24 when the Spanish authorities received a tip off from the US’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

On the morning of the 25th, about 280 miles west of Cádiz, the special operations ship located a 20-meter-long semi-submersible which was similar to other vessels seized in Spain in 2019 and in 2023.

Police believe the vessel was transporting a large shipment of cocaine, given its near-identical appearance to previously seized narco-smuggling vessels.

Working with Spain’s Civil Guard and National Police, the customs agency vessel Fulmar intercepted the vessel.

Few days earlier, on June 22, the crew of the ‘Fulmar’ intercepted nearly 900 kilos of cocaine from another narco-boat.

The narco-boat’s crew threw their cargo into the sea over the course of a six-hour chase.

The next day an abandoned boat appeared on the beach of Tazacorte in La Palma which, almost certainly, corresponded to the one that had been chased by Spain’s special operations ship.