Denmark shuts shipping traffic in Great Belt over missile failure

A technical problem has arisen on a missile on board the frigate Niels Juel, which is in the port of Korsør, the Danish Armed Forces said yesterday.

In a statement, the Danish military said the problem has arisen “in connection with a mandatory test, where the missile launcher is activated, and currently cannot be deactivated.”

Specialists are on their way to solve the problem.

“Until the missile launcher is deactivated there is a risk that the missile could launch and fly several kilometres away,” the military added.

The danger area is estimated to be up to 5-7 km from Naval Station Korsør at a height of approximately 1,000 meters above the water in a southern direction and not in the direction of the Great Belt Bridge.

Denmark shuts shipping traffic in Great Belt over missile failure

The police and the Danish Maritime Authority are informed, and ships in the direction of the danger zone are notified and asked to wait for the problem to be resolved.

As it is furthermore reported, the air space in the area is also closed.

Meanwhile, the Danish frigate Iver Huitfeldt returned from its from mission in the Red Sea where it shot down four drones sent by Houthis.

The frigate has been deployed in the “Operation Prosperity Guardian” together with other countries in the international cooperation, Combined Maritime Forces, to protect international shipping traffic.

Source: Danish Armed Forces.