Taiwan mobilizes ships to assist as eastern Taiwan paralyzed

Photo 144635589 | Hualien Port©Tom Wang | Dreamstime.com

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck Taiwan has left transportation in eastern Taiwan paralyzed, and it will take considerable time to restore the system.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communication reported on Thursday that in response to the earthquake resulting in the interruption of eastern Taiwan immediately activated the maritime evacuation backup mechanism, whilst some ships are being mobilized for the use of maritime backup.

Meanwhile, the earthquake created disruptions also in the Hualien port which immediately established an emergency response team and conducted a comprehensive inspection of the port area.

As it is reported by the national news agency of the Republic of China, the Central News Agency (CNA), the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has initiated maritime transportation shuttle services connecting Su’ao Port in Yilan County and Hualien Port in Hualien County, which will begin Thursday.

On the morning of April 3, a magnitude-7.2 earthquake struck eastern Taiwan, following which political leaders from 47 Taiwan allies and like-minded countries expressed condolences.

In response, Presidential Office Spokesperson Olivia Lin expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of the government and people of Taiwan.

The Taiwan government also immediately activated the Central Emergency Operations Center, and launched various emergency preparedness and rescue and relief efforts in conjunction with local governments.

The nation’s armed forces are also cooperating to meet the needs of local governments, provide assistance, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

Spokesperson Lin expressed gratitude to the many friends from countries around the world for their condolences and support for Taiwan.

“The care and concern that everyone has shown is heartwarming for Taiwan, and gives our society even more strength to overcome challenges,” he said.