Eastern Pacific Shipping sponsor of Imabari Football Club

Shipowner Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) becomes official sponsor of Imabari Football Club (FC Imabari).

The Singapore-based company says it is deeply ingrained in the sporting culture and corporate involvement with shipyards in the Imabari region of Japan.

The owner believes that “FC Imabari, with its rich history and passionate fan base, embodies the spirit of sportsmanship, dedication, and excellence, values that align seamlessly with those of EPS.”

“By supporting the club, EPS aims to promote community engagement, inspire local talent, and contribute to the vibrant sporting culture of Imabari and beyond,” the shipowner said.

In addition to the sponsorship of FC Imabari, EPS is actively involved in the ‘Around The World’ (ATW) Fundraiser.

Its ‘Around The World’ (ATW) Fundraiser is one of the key events held every two years to raise funds for needy causes.

As it is revealed by EPS, in the last ATW 2022, the fundraiser saw more than 5,000 sea and shore participants in EPS and across the shipping community come together collectively through various sports, to raise S$1.5million in support of The Mission to Seafarers.

Plans are underway for the biannual ATW this year.

Hayasaka Yosuke, managing director at EPS Japan, said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with FC Imabari as part of our ongoing commitment to community development and support for local sports initiatives.”