Photo credit: Holland Shipyards Group

Holland Shipyards Group seals a deal with De Bock Maritiem for two newbuild coasters.

Both parties have signed a contract for two 3.600 deadweight vessels, designed by Conoship, which will transport dry cargo and have a low air draft, making them suitable for inland waterways and the Rhine as well. The vessels will measure 88,00 by 13,20 m and have a cargo hold capacity of 5.100 m³. No price has been revealed by the shipyard.

As the shipyard says, the vessels will have 50% fewer emissions and the total energy efficiency will be 30% higher than the international standards (Energy Efficiency Design Index), due to their diesel-electric propulsion, the optimized propeller and hull shape, and the very low power.

“The two newbuild coasters have a modular built design. The generators are located in an easily accessible space making the vessel suited for future conversions. The E-room remains unaffected by such a conversion”, as Holland Shipyard explains.