The oil tanker “Yannis P” suffered engine failure and is anchored 20 kilometers north of Rügen in the Baltic Sea.

According to the authorities, it does not pose a threat at sea. However, to ensure this, the MSC Dragon tug is stationed nearby. Furthermore, the multi-purpose ship “Arkona” and the emergency tug “Bremer Fighter” are also on site to provide support, as radio television broadcaster NDR reports.

In addition to the crew of 23, there is a Danish pilot on board.

As it is reported by NDR citing information from the Baltic Sea Waterways and Shipping Authority, the ship is safely anchored.

“We are quite sure that nothing will happen,” said the authority.

The ship, which is Marshall island-flagged, was en route from Primorsk in Russia to Mundra in India with cargo of crude oil.

According to NDR information, the shipowner is now looking for a port where the ship can moor. It is not yet clear which port will be considered and in what period of time the distressed vessel should be brought to a port.

“There is actually no port on the German Baltic Sea where such a large ship can dock,” said Baltic Sea Waterways and Shipping Authority. The only “emergency option” would be the port of Rostock. However, the large ship would block the oil port for weeks.

The latest update on the repair work on the tanker comes from NDR on 5th of August. “The repair is underway on the tanker,” said NDR in social media twitter.