Photo credit: Helsinki Shipyard Oy / SH Diana in the dry dock at Helsinki Shipyard Oy

Cyprus-based cruise line Swan Hellenic has won a tender to acquire a new ship in an auction.

Finland´s Helsinki Shipyard Oy has exercised the right to sell the ship by tender, provided for by the shipbuilding contract, after the original buyer failed to take delivery of the ship.

The auction ended at midnight on 9th of December and as described, by the Helsinki shipyard which analyzed the bids and declared the winner “was satisfactory”.

The Shipyard and Swan Hellenic will now enter into a new agreement, for the completion of the vessel, which is scheduled to be delivered to Swan Hellenic in March 2023, in time to start cultural expedition cruises of the Mediterranean from the beginning of April as planned.

The name of the vessel is SH Diana, a Polar Class PC6 vessel with “state-of-the-art technology and sustainability”, as described by Andrea Zito, the CEO of Swan Hellenic Limited, who also said that will enter into service in March as planned.

From his side Kim Salmi, Helsinki Shipyard’s CEO said that “the shipyard is satisfied with multiple inquiries and received bids. We are also happy to announce Swan Hellenic as winner of the tender, as it naturally helps next step, the fast agreement and continuation of works for completion of the vessel according to the plan in March”.

It is worth mentioning, that the two parties in their joint statement did not declare the price of the acquisition of the SH Diana by Swan Hellenic.

Source: Helsinki Shipyard Oy