Photo credit: Port Nantes-Saint-Nazaire

The ro-ro ship Neptune Horizon, from the shipping company Neptune, managed to transport 3,092 Renault Clio and Dacia Duster models, in the port of France.

Approximately 3,100 Renault and Dacia vehicles arrived in the Port of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, in France on February 11, 2023. This is the largest unloading of vehicles ever carried out at the Montoir de Bretagne Ro-Ro terminal. The previous record was 2,200 vehicles.

The vehicles were transported onboard the ship Neptune Horizon from factories in Bursa, Turkey and Pitesti, Romania. Specifically, 3,092 vehicles were unloaded with the help of handling teams from Somaloir. It’s about the largest unloading of vehicles ever at the Montoir de Bretagne ro-ro terminal. The Renault Clio and Dacia Duster vehicle models, from Bursa, Turkey and Pitesti, Romania, are destined mainly for dealerships in the Grand Ouest and the Paris region.

According to the Nantes-Saint-Nazaire Port, the activity of the ro-ro terminal since October 2022, has experienced good momentum and shows the good development prospects in 2023, despite an automotive market that is still disrupted by shortages of electronic parts, and by the difficulties faced by logistics such as transport costs, and lack of truck drivers.

It is worth mentioning that the ro-ro terminal has on several occasions hosted the main ro-ro shipowners such as UECC, Grimaldi, KESS, MLCC and Neptune, testifying to the attractiveness of Montoir de Bretagne, as the port says.