Image taken from video of the Greek tv station SKAI. (Credit:

The most important port of Turkey, İskenderun, historically known as Alexandretta has been flooded by the waters of the sea, in accordance with the latest information given by the correspondent Manolis Kostidis for the Greek tv station “skai”. The scenes captured are like a movie, showing many buildings collapsed while the water of the sea entered the city.

The journalist from the Greek media was reporting live from Alexandretta showing the earthquake´s damages in the port. As he said during his broadcast, the sea water entered the city of Alexandretta, after the double devastating earthquake in Turkey. The port of Alexandretta has been flooded by the waters of the sea, and not the waters of the rain, as he highlighted.

Despite the fact that the waters are receding from the sea, the area suffers economical damages.

Until now no loses of human lives are recorded.

“Tsunami has occurred here but there are no human casualties,” adding that “the classic beach of Alexandretta is flooded by the sea and is dead,” as the reporter said.

Furthermore he added that “Turkey has a long way to go to recover from the earthquake. The scenes are like a movie as the port is on fire, the sea entered the city, and buildings are collapsed.”