Photo: 27486791 / Ship © Nightman1965 | (photo for illustration purposes only)

Singapore-based Thome Group is to merge with OSM Maritime Group with the aim to create a stronger platform, on which they will continue to provide ship management services, under the name OSM Thome.

Both parties are deeply rooted in the Norwegian shipping tradition and expertise, and they combine this with the modern drive of Asian business enterprise.

The two companies manage 1,000 ships, in various segments such as tank, bulk, container, car carriers, cruise ships and offshore vessels and units, whereof 450 ships on full technical management, and have 550 ships on crew management.

The headquarters of the combined company will be located in Arendal, Norway, with technical management hubs maintained in Singapore and Europe.

As far as the workforce is concerned, both companies have a total of 31,000 employees, whereof 2,000 onshore in 22 countries, representing a diversity of expertise and experience.

OSM Maritime’s CEO Finn Amund Norbye will assume the role as CEO for the merged OSM Thome, while Thome’s CEO, Olav Nortun, will take up the position of COO for the consolidated ship management activities. OSM founder Bjørn Tore Larsen will become Chairman of the new Board of Directors and Thome’s Claes Eek Thorstensen will be the Vice Chairman.