Photo credit: USEA Ocean Data

USEA Ocean Data has been granted the Pre-approval from Norwegian Maritime Authority in January 2023 of USEA’s unmanned surface vessel.

As USEA states, the authority gave the “green light” with a statement confirming that USEA’s unmanned surface vessel is feasible and no “showstoppers” were identified.

This process started back in 2021 when USEA submitted the first set of design and operational documents. During the assessment, the Norwegian Maritime Authority for more than a year, as USEA explains, analysed the design and operation of USEA´s unmanned surface vessel in accordance with the national and international regulations.

Now the next step is the shipbuilding phase as the pre-approved unmanned surface vessel of 24m length, with fully automated uLARS system for operating autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), will “revolutionise the collection of data from the seabed, without risk to crew”, as USEA explains in a statement.

It is worth mentioning that USEA Ocean Data collaborated with Salt Ship Design in the design of the vessel.

“This important pre-approval is without compromise, meaning that USEA has proven to have a viable platform for fully autonomous and unmanned offshore operations, starting from Norwegian waters”, USEA says.